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DataTamer is a Microsoft Certified Partner

We make data backup easier than ever before.  With our proprietary "smart client software", we work with you to determine what files are critical for your day-to-day business operations.  We then schedule our "smart client" to back up those files at a time that is convenient to you.  This is usually "after hours", however some of our clients prefer a mid-day backup during their lunch hour.  The choice is yours.


Once we have determined the schedule, your computer will automatically perform the backup.  However, before a single byte of your data leaves your office, it is encrypted to Department of Defense standards so that no one--not even us, can read your data.  Since we want to receive your data as quickly as possible, we also compress your data.  This provides an additional level of security as well as making it less expensive and more efficient for you.


The question often comes up, "Do you backup the data you receive?"  Quite frankly, we would be crazy not to!  Your data is backed up both to a secondary server as well as magnetic media, which is taken off site on a daily basis!  That data is then stored for a one year period.  If you ever need to retrieve your data, it is just a mouse click away!



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